Spiritual Fulfillment Through Work

Today I want to talk to you about how to be spiritually fulfilled at work.  Work occupies a big hunk of time in our lives.  It’s forty hours for most people and up to fifty, sixty, seventy, and more for others.  So if we’re spending all this time at work, we may as well feel fulfilled.
When I’m talking about fulfillment, I’m referring to that sense of satisfaction and fullness that you’re doing something beneficial for both yourselves and others. 
Without this feeling, work can become a frustrating, ongoing task that we perform just to pay the bills, keep food on the table, and a roof over our heads.  That’s why it’s so important to be fulfilled at work.
Become aware of this – you need to either make a decision to be fulfilled at your work or make a decision (and plans) to move onto work that does fulfill you.  Hey, life is too short to spend our times grinding through work with emptiness inside. 
Here’s how to feel more fulfilled at work:
1.) Do your best.  No matter what, it feels good to do your best.  Just flat out do the best job you can.  Never shortchange yourself by cutting corners.  I’ve found that if I do something half-heartedly, even if I get the task done, it doesn’t feel nearly as good as when I go all out and do my best. 
2.) Recognize that everything is part of the larger plan.  What you went through in the past was necessary in order for you to become the person who you are now. (Just think, if you hadn’t gone through those experiences, what kind of person would you be?)  What you’re doing now is part of who you’ll become tomorrow. 
Here’s a quote by Marshall Sylver that I like:
“Enjoy where you’re at now because where you’re at later will be where you’re at now…then!”
Does that make sense?  Practice enjoying the moment now because if you practice always putting off happiness, you’ll get into the habit of always putting off happiness no matter how great your circumstances are. 
Love your life…it’s the only one you have and it’s truly a precious gift.
3.) Be open to opportunity.  What this means is condition yourself to spot opportunities that come toward you.  I call this developing an “opportunity consciousness”.  The more you look for opportunities (for better work for example), the more you’ll find opportunities. 
What opportunities exist right now that you’re sitting on right now and yet you’re not aware of yet?
4.) Treat everyone fantastic.  For everyone who you meet and come in contact with, go out of your way to treat them fantastic.  Here’s why.  Think of it as marketing yourself as a stellar human being. 
I’ve heard of numerous examples of people who work with the public being hired away to better jobs because they delighted some business owner with their superior attitude and customer service. 
If given the opportunity to hire an antisocial genius or the ‘regular Joe’ who can get the job done and who has a warm smile and brings along a great attitude, I submit to you that most companies would hire the ‘regular Joe’.
5.) Realize that the job is temporary.  If you have a job you don’t like, realize that it’s temporary.  You can always find another one.  No matter what your true passion is, there is someone out there, somewhere in the world, who is successfully doing for a living what your passion is.
If you love surfing, there is some surf instructor out there who’s making good money teaching people how to surf (and surfing a lot himself too!).
If you love gardening, there is someone out there is someone who owns a nursery and sells plants all day and talks gardening all day and makes good money at it.
If you love volunteering to help the homeless, you better believe that there are happy, fulfilled executive directors of charities who help homeless people.
My point is…no matter what…someone out there is getting paid money to do what your passion is.  What’s stopping you? 
6.)  Live by this attitude, “Happiness is an attitude, not a circumstance.”  What is fun?  What is happiness?  It is a perception that you create in your mind.  If you choose to, you can make things fun.  Make your work fun.  Make a game out of your work (and still get all your responsibilities taken care of).
What metaphor are you using when you think of work?  The daily grind?  The countdown until Friday?  How about trying on “an exciting adventure”?  Or maybe a fun game? 
Happiness, fulfillment, and fun are internal.  They don’t EXIST out in the real world.  They are all from our mind.  Our mind creates them.  So let’s create resourceful, useful states of being for ourselves.
There you have it.  You’ve now learned how to be absolutely fulfilled at work.  If you apply these principles to life in general, you’ll also find yourself more fulfilled there.  There is really no price you can put on feeling fulfilled at work and in life…thus making the article you have just read truly priceless.
You are unstoppable!  Now get out there and go for it!


Kent Sayre is a worldwide persuasion expert and author of the bestselling book “Unstoppable Confidence” endorsed by such celebrity authors as Brian Tracy, Robert Allen, and Jim Rohn.


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