Why Most People NEVER Take Control of Their Lives & How You Can Avoid Being One of Them

Everybody Wants to be Free

In a day and age where everyone is always raving about personal power, individualism, our right to make our own decisions, and how unfair it is for the government to take so much control in our lives, it’s hard to understand why, if personal freedom is a mass desire, so few people have chosen, this is 100% CHOICE, to claim theirs.

Saying you want to be free from your boss, or the government in your business, or having to spend 60% of your life at a meaningless, menial job is great rhetoric, but most people are not willing to do the work to get to that level of freedom. Yes, it’s nice to talk about being able to take entire summer vacations with your family, own your own business, and spend your time doing what you want without ever worrying about money again, but the truth is, MOST PEOPLE WILL NEVER ACHIEVE THIS!

That’s right. I’m going out on a limb and telling you what all the “gurus” in the world won’t; bunches and bunches of people will continue to talk from here to Kingdom Come about living free and taking charge. A full 98+% of them will still be talking, without one iota of progress, a year from now.


Because TALKING about it is not ACTING on it!

Let’s be honest with one another. Sometimes it feels really GOOD to just complain about things. Really! It feels good to get the attention of others, to build camaraderie with people (who, if they’re complaining too, are wallowing in the self-pity pool choosing to be Losers), take pity on ourselves and say,

“See, this isn’t my fault. I’m not the reason I’m like this! My situation is too difficult…I don’t make enough money to start my own business. I don’t have the connections, or any family support, or it’s hard where I come from, or…”

See my point here? The reason people do this is because it’s really EASY to blame someone else for the failures, mistakes, missteps, and lack of progression in our lives. It takes real courage to evaluate our selves, stand up and say…

“I know some things have happened to me in my life that were beyond my control. However, I accept that my current station in life is directly due to my actions AND my reactions to the circumstances and problems that have taken place in my life.”

The Key to Change

Owning up to your responsibility in your life can be a painful process. It won’t be easy when you start taking control! You’ll still have issues, things you need to improve, habits to break, phobias to overcome. Some people who aren’t ready to see you change may leave your life as you grow & improve. And then, there’s the most dreaded outcome of all…


Boy, do we do our best to avoid those!!!! No matter who you choose to associate with, how low you allow yourself to sink in life or how high you choose to rise, EVERYONE HAS PROBLEMS.

We’ve all got issues! The higher you rise, the better the “class” of problem…but they NEVER go away. Don’t set an unreasonable expectation that you’ll avoid them by limiting yourself; it will only slow your progress.

When you become financially free, for instance, you won’t worry about paying your rent or how to put food on the table. Instead, you’ll worry about what investments to put your money in, or how to deal with an under-performing employee. See the difference?

The important thing to remember is problems are a sign of life. The only people without them are the ones without a pulse…so, if you have none, you should start to worry!

Why You SHOULD Embrace Problems

Problems are meant to challenge us; to help us learn and grow. Facing a challenge encourages us to think creatively, to fully engage in our lives, and to strengthen ourselves in order to continue thriving in the face of resistance.

When was the last time you were challenged in your life? When was the last time your adrenaline was so high that it opened up your entire thought process to a new solution? Does your work challenge you?

Are you doing something lucrative that will propel you toward your ultimate goals? If not, why? There’s no time like the present to redirect your energies and become the person you are meant to be.

Don’t wait another moment to get started! Make that first step:
Take responsibility. Right now.
ACTION EXERCISE: Stop reading, think about the circumstances in your life, accept them as they are, then say out loud:

“I take full responsibility for my life – past, present, & future. Starting today, I will act in a way that serves my ultimate goals & purpose. I can’t change the past, but the future is in my hands…Today, I choose to change my life!”

Elaine Hannah is a Performance Consultant specializing in Life Design. In her work with individual and corporate clients, she helps them discover their goal, clarify their vision, and create what they desire in life. To learn more about becoming your best, read more from her at http://www.hubpages.com/profile/Elaine+Hannah