Step 7: Define Your Tasks for Every Mini-Goal

We’re going to make it even easier. We’ll break down every mini-goal into small easy-to-accomplish tasks.

Tasks are usually the simple things you must do to accomplish a mini-goal.

If you’ve set a mini-goal, for example, to have a complete understanding about investing in bonds by June 15th, you will have to accomplish a number of tasks for acquiring that knowledge.

  • Choosing to go to the library and get a book on bonds would be a task.
  • Reading the book for one hour on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, could be three separate tasks.
  • Visiting the Investors Skills’ website for their bond information would be another task.
  • Calling your buddy who’s had success in the bond market would be a task as well.

All of these tasks must be set with a deadline.

By focusing your mind on the easy-to-accomplish tasks, and completing those tasks, you’ll be making great progress towards your mini-goals without feeling overwhelmed.

Make sure to write down ALL tasks, even those that take only minutes to complete.

Then, when they’re accomplished, check them off.

As more and more tasks are successfully accomplished, and checked off, you’ll find yourself becoming more encouraged, and more confident about your abilities.

And the more tasks you complete on time, the closer you’ll be to success.