Stop Procrastinating With One Question

Get up. Go make tea. Sit down. Run through your music. Browse the internet. Get up. Lie down. Get up. Sit down. Pick up a book. Doodle. Get up. Do something, anything but what you should be doing.

I used to be a pro at procrastination.

Last minute pressure and the drive to always understand whatever I was doing usually made me pull through deadlines and make it happen but I would always put things off and get distracted.

Then one of my best friends and one of the most successful people I know explained his goal process and how he managed to become a millionaire in his early twenties, retired after completing an Actuarial Science degree – one of the most difficult degrees out there – to travel the world and live his life doing only what interested him.

He explained his goal process to me and it sounded much like other things – of the many, many things – I’d tried to get more done, make deadlines, stop procrastinating and get more ease into my life.

He said all he does is he looks at his goals and asks himself a question. A question that I’ve used to get more done and to put life into deadlines, more ease and less procrastinating.

“Do I really want this?”

Next time you’re procrastinating or putting off doing something, close your eyes and feel what it will be like to have achieved your goal. Feel it fully. Go into it. All that it will allow you to do. Feel what it will be feel like to have already done what you want to do.

Then ask yourself, “Do I really want this?”

If it still doesn’t budge and you can’t get yourself to take action and stop putting off doing something, I find it helps to add, “…or do I want to live a lame life, it’s up to me.”

It’s up to you.

Unleash Reality 

Alex – Unleash Your Limitless Reality.