The 3 Biggest Myths About Goal Setting

Goal setting is easily becoming more popular as we strive to continue to realize the greatest expectations in ourselves. Here are 3 important myths you should understand about the goal setting process.

1. If you put your goal in writing, you will achieve it.

Merely putting your goal in writing is not enough to ensure its success. Many people who put their goals in writing, or increase their goals by 10% per year, and then bury the information in their desk do not necessarily achieve their goals. I call this the hit and miss syndrome. Sometimes you will and sometimes you won’t but the real question is who is controlling it?

Although it is essential to develop a clearly defined written plan it is also crucial your plan has a well defined tracking system in place. Your plan should include solutions for increasing skilled based learning and a method for assisting in maintaining your focus. What will you incorporate to assist you in sustaining your momentum on difficult tasks? Remember you are the energy source required to sustain the plan.

As you focus on your written goal, you must carry out each task with the belief of having already achieved it. You are merely going through the necessary actions of completing what you have clearly written as being of value to you, knowing you have the necessary skills to carry it out successfully.

2. If you believe in anything strongly enough you can achieve it.

Yes, faith can carry us a long way, however faith without a well-developed plan is considered blind faith which can get us into a lot of time wasting and loss of resources.

Faith is an integral part of goal setting for it is your belief system allowing you to continue to move boldly forward. However, by itself, faith is not enough.

3. Only the wealthy can have anything they want in life.

First, the wealthy may not have always been privileged, for they too at one time had to work hard to achieve their success.

Money does make a difference. Money does help us to achieve our goals, but money does not have to be there for you to achieve your goals! To make this point clear read this story.

“Once upon a time there were two young men in their early twenties who had a dream. They decided to take their dream and set some goals towards accomplishing it. They started by developing a plan and then set to work in their garage.

After many, many months of frustration, building, believing, and hard work, their prototype was complete. They were ready to go to market. Against all odds they worked hard to market this dream of theirs, and one day -there it was.

They had succeeded where many had said they would fail. They had dreamed, visualized, built, and struggled to complete their goal. They knocked on cold doors and against all odds – they made it!

Do you know this story? Today these two men are renown for the genius of the start-up of the greatest revolutionary product ever developed – the personal computer. This young, dynamic duo, constructed the first Apple computer.

There are many home based businesses started with only a dream and limited or no capital so don’t let a fear of not enough resources prevent you from attempting turning your dreams into your reality. The universe provides us with what we need, when the precise time of need arrives.

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