The Pearl Story

I’m going to tell you the story of one of the most precious items on earth, and how this story can benefit you!

It all starts in a shell a tiny little shell that strives for survival, but how can a living thing survive when it doesn’t move in its life span? And to add to that, produce something that precious like a pearl? The only function a shell does is to open up and to close up again and again and again till the end of its days.

You see the secret is that it feeds with plankton, every time the shell opens up some amount of food will get inside and once that happens the only thing the shell has to do is to close up. Once it digests its food the shells rinsings remain inside. This cycle repeats itself over and over again till the rinsings accumulate and form the pearl as we know it. One day a fisherman finds the shell and when he opens it up screams with joy, for what he has found has changed his life.

How can this story benefit you? STOP reading this article for a minute and think about it!

It’s very simple, if you wait enough everything will come to you, Patience is a great virtue. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not telling you to sit all day on your couch doing nothing and wait for money and fortune to pour on you.

If you work on yourself, your personality and skills, good things will start happening. You will be considered to be a “pearl”, what can that possibly mean? Everyone that gets the chance to meet you talk to you or interact with you in any way, will feel very fortunate. The “Demand” for You will rise and so will your “Prize” do. Actually you will become the “Prize”; you will become a giant magnet of success and fortune.

Friedrich Nietchzche once wrote ‘man is like the tree, the higher it stretches up, up to the light, its root get deeper towards the darkness’ it’s a good quote to bear in mind while you walk down the path of fortune.

Your Friend,

John Giagkiozis

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