Visualization technique

The brain often thinks in pictures.

The human eye captures an incredible amount of information with just one glance and relays it all to the brain that then translates that information into a form we ‘see’.

It would be more accurate to say we see with our brains than with our eyes.

The success technique to which I am referring is visualization. I guarantee, that
“visualizing your results is the key to realizing your results”.

Visualizing is one of the most important techniques you will ever learn and one that is utilized by all high performers.

One of the reasons goal setting doesn’t work for people is because they don’t understand or utilize the power of this one critical factor. Often times, you may set a goal, write it down, you may even read it aloud every day, but if you can’t see yourself in possession of your goal, you will never realize it long term.

Visualizing is your key to success for two reasons:

1. Your mind thinks in pictures and images;

2. Your subconscious mind drives your behavior.

When something is hammered into your mind in clear detail, it becomes part of your reality.

Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between something that is real and something vividly imagined. Whatever picture (goal) you consistently think about will drive your actions to create that exact picture.

When you continually see yourself in possession of your goal, your subconscious mind will move you into actions that align with the mental image you hold.