25 Ways to Feel Good Right Now!

There are many different ways we can feel good. The most important is your decision to actually feel good. Once you have decided firmly then the “means” show up. As I said I am listing ways that have worked for me. In the most tense, stressful situation if I decide that I would like to feel good, I usually reach into my bag of “feel good” tricks and pull out something.

If that doesn’t work, then I pull something else out. All I am looking for is something that makes me feel a little bit better and then a bit better and a bit better and before I know it I am feeling awesome! Following are various different tricks that have worked for me:

1. decide that you want to feel good

2. meditation

3. listening to songs

4. watching music videos

5. listening to comedy talk shows

6. watching comedy programs such as Seinfeld, Married with Children etc

7. watching comedy talk shows

8. playing video games (since that requires concentration to play decently, so taking your attention away from whatever is making you feel bad)

9. start counting backwards from 100-0

10. if counting backwards is too easy, then count backwards but just counting the odd/even numbers

11. if even the above is too easy, then counting backwards but also multiplying them e.g. 100*0, 99*1, 98*2, 97*3, 96*4, 95*5, thus you’re multiplying the first number by the second number which is (100-first number) and actually finding the answer -> this requires a lot of concentration unless you’re a math genius

12. watching videos on YouTube of little kids doing silly things, such as giggling for no reason etc

13. asking yourself “what are some of the good things that have happened to me in the last hour or so?” and really keep this going until you start to feel a change

14. start to appreciate something around you

15. get curious about something or anything e.g. if in a subway, ask yourself when this subway was built, how it must have been at that time, who was actually working in this subway car, what kind of people, what it must have looked like brand new and so on

16. read some jokes

17. start sprinting at a good speed -> this doesn’t have to be at a track, it could just be in your house even where you are standing

18. start intending that you want to feel good

19. play your favourite sport

20. start counting leaves on a tree

21. start guessing people’s age

22. start guessing people’s nationalities

23. read some motivational stories

24. read some motivational quotations

25. By holding snow or ice in your hand, when your hands start to freeze, your mind will be taken away from negative thoughts and that’s what you want but just remember to get rid of that snow or ice or else it would not be very good for your hands

These are some of the different ways that I can remember right now that have helped me. The whole point is to take your attention away from what’s bothering you, what’s stressing you out, and whatever is the reason for you to feel bad. Sometimes whatever is bothering is is indeed something that requires attention and is totally legitimate. Even then, doing something towards it when you’re feeling bad or emotionally down is not going to help you or the situation. Best thing is for you to take control of yourself and your emotions and then decide what to do about the problem. Feeling good is just an amazing feeling and we should be able to change into that feeling anytime we want. Hope this helps.

“The first and the best victory is to conquer self” – Plato

Ricky Singh is passionate about self development. He has read hundreds of self development books, listened to countless audio tapes and watched numerous videos. He believes that the best way to learn anything is by doing it!

By Ricky Singh. Self Development Blog: 25 ways to feel good