7 Signs to Having Low Self Esteem Revealed

1. Negative and Hopeless Language.

If someone talks about themselves in a negative way quite frequently, then they are making it clear that they really don’t think highly of themselves. Saying things like “It’s not possible”, “I can’t do that”, “I’m bad at everything”, “I’m not good enough”, etc. Phrases like those are very negative, it really doesn’t help at all to build ones self esteem. People who generally think negative thoughts and feelings towards themselves look at the world in a negative way.

2. Frequently Depressed.

Being depressed at times is normal but constantly or frequently being depressed can be a sign of low self esteem. There are times in everyone’s lives when they become depressed because of work, family issues and many more reasons. For those that are depressed a lot it could mean that there are many things you are unhappy about. For example looks, lack of friends, lack of social life, loneliness, missed opportunities and no joy or excitement in your life.

3. Perfection.

Do you seem to always try to look perfect for everyone or try to do things perfectly to be noticed? Now this isn’t always a bad thing, it’s good to look your best and do things right. It can take over your life trying to be “perfect” instead of just enjoying being yourself and living your life. If you’re trying to look perfect to impress people then you aren’t showing your true personality. Trying to be the perfect person for other people is downgrading yourself since all you’re doing is fading out who you are to please someone else. Everyone has imperfections which are a part of how you are.

4. Keeping To Yourself.

Being alone and distancing yourself from people is very unhealthy. We need to interact with people and engage in conversation. If you find yourself trying to miss people and not speak or interact with them, then try to muster up the courage to speak to them and find out how they are and what they’ve been up to. Being alone is horrible at times. So if you’re usually keeping to yourself, go out there and strike up a conversation with someone.

5. Playing It Safe.

Not taking risks or not been adventurous is very easy to do and people with low self esteem do it A LOT! Do you seem to always be the follower and never the leader? Well maybe it’s time to take a leadership role and take control of your life. “With risk comes great reward” so take a leap of faith and the next time an opportunity comes your way to lead a work project or lead your team to victory take it. You will start to experience more things and enjoy life more.

6. Feeling Guilty.

Feeling guilty about mistakes and other little things, like getting in someone’s way, can be very depressing. If you find yourself apologizing a lot for things which don’t need apologizing for, shows you have low self esteem. People might even think they can take advantage of you since you are a bit of a push over. Standing up for yourself and sticking with a decision is important and people respect you for this.

7. Public Speaking.

Being put in the spot light whether it’s making a presentation or just in a conversation with a group of friends, can make you feel very nervous and self conscious. If you find yourself always trying to get other people to do the talking then it’s important to change that. Right now is a really good time to start. By not being able to speak to people or be the speaker in a conversation, then what you’re doing is hiding who you are. It’s important to express yourself and your opinion in different matters.

By knowing what low self esteem signs you have, you can do something about them. There is a reason why you are reading this article, which is to know what to do about it. By going this far and seeing what signs you show, the next action to take is to correct those signs. Why wait? Click onYour Self Esteem Solutions now! Take action by overcoming your low self esteem.