5 Highly Effective Self Esteem Builders

Feeling uncomfortable in the presence of members of the opposite sex? Are you too shy to make new friends or to pursue new activities? Do you stutter at times, mostly while talking to people you’re not familiar with? Do you easily get jealous if your loved one’s attention is diverted to someone else? Do you easily get envious when you see other people enjoying what you don’t have? You may be suffering from low self confidence and need some help to cope better with the challenges that life throws your way.

Below is a list of the 5 most effective self esteem builders used in many social therapy groups:

1. Keep a notebook where you can list down your achievements, even the smallest ones. Make it a point to regularly update and read the contents of this notebook. Of all the self esteem builders we will be tackling, this is the easiest and probably the most effective, since it will reinforce your sense of self respect with truths you have listed down yourself.

2. Constantly challenge yourself to face your social fears. Many of the fears you may have are probably unfounded. People won’t think you’re weird. People won’t laugh at you. People don’t think you’re unattractive. Discover these truths by challenging yourself everyday. Approach a total stranger today and just say hi. If they greet you and smile back, it can only mean that you are not as unlikable as you think you are. Tomorrow, approach someone else, but he/she should belong to the opposite sex. Keep
challenging yourself and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying a new level of self confidence.

3. Share your feelings with your family members. Most self esteem issues stem from problems regarding familial ties. By strengthening these relationships, you’ll be able to eliminate a major cause of your self esteem problems.

4. Get someone who can be your partner for this particular activity. Ask them to list down 10 things they like about you. This is a great way of garnering someone else’s thoughts about you. Not knowing what another may think of you makes you assume the worst, hence, this activity aims to prove that your fears are indeed unfounded.

5. Open up to the possibility of dating. Date as many people as you can. Sometimes, they’ll reject your show of affection, but that’s okay. That’s normal. Nothing’s wrong with that. Eventually, you’ll find someone who’ll appreciate – and love – who you are. People say that of all the self esteem builders out there, this is by far the best.

The 5 self esteem builders above are some of the most effective steps to help increase your confidence. There are more, of course, but starting with these will increase your sense of self-esteem and encourage you to continue improving your image of yourself.

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