Finding Your True Purpose In Life

When you’re on purpose, you’re following your path. Things come to you, you’re in “the flow” of things, and good things happen. If you’re stuck doing something you don’t like, you’re not on purpose. It’s spiritually depressing to be stuck in a rut of a job that taxes you daily.
We weren’t put here on Earth to just slog away at some job we hate until we retire at 65 with the gold watch and die shortly thereafter. When we’re on purpose, we’re fired up and going for it. We jump out of bed and get to go do what we love. Therefore, you can easily see why it’s important to find your true purpose in life and follow it.
Here’s how. Go back to your past. Find what kind of experiences lent themselves to you losing track of time and getting lost in pure bliss. Now, when you can figure out how to make money at that, you’re really onto something. In fact, you’re well on your way to living your dream lifestyle.
Avoid asking yourself immediately how you can make money doing what you love. That may be too difficult a question right now. Instead, ask yourself how you can add value to others’ lives while you do what you love? Go ahead and do this now. How specifically can you add value to other people’s lives while doing what you love? Write the answer down that pops into your mind.
  • Can you demonstrate it to others for entertainment?
  • Can you teach it to others to empower their lives?
  • Can you sell the fruits of your labor by putting it into a product?
  • Can you consult with others who would willingly pay for your expertise?
Suppose you love to travel. How can you add value to others’ lives while traveling? The key here to keep in mind is that by adding value to others’ lives, you’ll be compensated. Back to the travel example.
You could travel and then create value for others as a result of your travels:
  • Write a travel book
  • Create a travel review website
  • Market a budget travel newsletter
  • Or you could get a job where a side benefit of your job is to travel.
  • Become a roadie for a worldwide concert tour
  • Become a pilot or airline attendant
  • Work as a buyer for an import/export business
My point is that you can create a lifestyle around your passion and your true purpose. Let me submit myself as an example. My personal mission statement at this time in my life is, “Live my dreams and give back to others in a win/win way.” Pretty straightforward. I asked myself what I could do that was consistent with my personal mission.
And I came to where I’m at now. I create and market information products that serve people and empower their lives. After reading hundreds of books, going to countless seminars, and performing who-knows-how-many exercises on myself, I decided I wanted to help others in the same way. That’s when I founded my business.
My friend relayed to me the story of a guy who just loved to sleep. That’s it. He had nothing that truly fired him up, where his heart burned with passion and eyes glistened with positive emotion. He just loved to sleep. So if he loved to sleep, how could you go fashion a livelihood out of this? In other words, how can this guy serve others by sleeping?
Here’s what I’ve come up with:
  • He could create a book on how to get a good night’s rest (Who wouldn’t want to sleep soundly and wake up rested?) 
  • He could create an audio program to help people sleep easily 
  • He could find sleep research institutes and volunteer to be a subject for their sleep-related experiments 
  • He could give talks and radio interviews on how to “powernap” for 20 minutes for an immediate boost in mental clarity and energy 
  • He could create his own sleep laboratory where he tests different ways of sleeping to find what gives the most restful sleep and then publish the results in a scientific journal
This is just sleep and it’s admittedly a harder subject than others. Your passion is going to be easier to turn into what you do for a living. Recall times in the past when you were happiest. During your day-to-day life now, note when you’re feeling awesome. How can you turn that into what you do?
Mark Twain said, “Happiness is making your vacation your vocation.” I wholeheartedly agree!


Kent Sayre is a worldwide persuasion expert and author of the bestselling book “Unstoppable Confidence” endorsed by such celebrity authors as Brian Tracy, Robert Allen, and Jim Rohn.


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