Goal Setting – Do You Have a “Be, Do and Have” List?

What sort of list is that?

It is essentially a list of things you want to be or do or have.  Let me give you an example.

For each heading you create 10 things.  So for “BE” you might have:


  1. Be a better listener
  2. Be a teacher
  3. Be a better husband
  4. Be more relaxed
  5. Be more attentive to family
  6. Be more healthy
  7. Be more happy
  8. Be successful in business
  9. Be a better runner
  10. Be a role model to my children


You can do the same for “do” and “have”.

The “do” list would be things like:-


  1. Run a marathon
  2. See the pyramids
  3. etc


And “have” is things you want to have.

It is a really easy way to make a plan and work out what you really want in life.  What you will typically find is that the list match up.  So if you want to run a marathon put that in your “do” list.  Then in your “be” list would be something about “be a runner”.

This may seem like a very basic thing but it is incredibly powerful.  The act of writing down 10 in each list means you get very specific about what you REALLY want to do in life.  Let’s look at “Be more healthy” in the “be” list.

So what does that really mean?  Be more healthy all the time or is there something specific you would like to achieve.

It could mean what you were actually thinking about was living longer by getting healthier.  By making these list it actually makes you take a look at each one and work out what they really mean.  Then once you have that you can work out a plan of action.

Setting goals is one of the topics I am most asked about.  When I am speaking at a company or seminar this is something people want to spend lots of time on.  Often they may even say something like “I just don’t know what my goal or purpose is in life”.  That’s a not a wonderful feeling!

I think it’s fair to say that we mostly believe that the answer to that question will just come to us one day, and for some it does. But typically it is something you have to sit down and go through.

Give it a go for 30 days and see what results you get.

http://www.lifeturnaroundnow.com Matt Belcher is an author, speaker, coach and social entrepreneur. Matt’s main work is focused around helping people realize and achieve what they want in life. Goal Setting, Mindset, Relationships, Communication are all areas Matt works in. Matt’s work is from one on one with individuals to large corporate workshops.
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