How to Beat Shyness the Fun Way

Are you the kind of person who wants to move around with a paper bag over your head so that no new person talks to you? Are you so shy that you wouldn’t dare talk to your neighbor even if she bumped into you at the mall? Maybe, it’s time you learn how to beat shyness.

Build self-confidence: The main reason for shyness usually is a lack of confidence in your own abilities and personality. You may feel less than adequate among peers and therefore, prevent yourself from interacting with others. You must learn to love yourself and accept yourself as you are. Then, stop assessing yourself based on other people’s parameters relating to abilities and achievements. Make a list of all your plus points and talents. Look at the list every day and try to improve upon it. Soon, you will gain plenty of confidence in at least one area listed and will not be able to resist yourself talking about it when an opportunity arises. This will start clearing your mental blocks about yourself and you would stop being shy.

Make friends: Start by making friends online in secure chat rooms and social networking sites. You don’t have to meet any of those people. Once you yourself witness how your online friends are appreciating you, it will give you confidence to talk to people in real time. Don’t worry too much about being hurt or being cheated. Just build not-too intimate friendships to chat and have fun with.

Personality grooming: Take up an exercise program and groom yourself. Hitting the gym will give you confidence about how you look. When you take out time to dress well and look good, people will find you appealing and will try talking to you. When others show interest in your, you will automatically feel less shy.

Take up social work: When you are involved in any kind of charity project you need to extend yourself to help others. This will force you to forget about yourself and your inadequacies, build courage in you to talk to people and overcome shyness. Getting over shyness is that easy.

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