How to Create Powerful Passionate Goals That Excite and Motivate You

So how can you make your goals passionate, exciting and achievable? The biggest mistake that people make when setting goals is forgetting to check in with their emotions to see what the goals mean to them and make sure that they are filling the right emotional needs.

If your goals do not excite you, do not fill your emotional needs or fill you with a passion it is very likely that you will not follow through and make them happen.

When you set your goals are they your own goals or goals that you have been given to achieve? If they are your own goals make sure they are goals that mean something to you and that you really want and are excited about. Are they goals other people expect you to achieve? if so then so be it, sometimes we do have to do things we are not so sure we want to do, but no matter whether your goals are set by you or are ones you have been asked to achieve, do you want to achieve them? do they resonate with you and make you feel excited? do you believe in the goals and want to make them happen? If the answer is no to any of these questions you are setting yourself up to fail.

If you want to achieve every goal you set then you have to believe in it, you have to make it exciting to you, you have to know why you have the goal and what benefits achieving it will give you, if you don’t do this you will be fighting yourself every inch of the way and making life hard when you could simply change an aspect of your goal to fit it to your own values and beliefs and make it exciting to you. Then you will be ready to do everything in your power to achieve it because you want to achieve it, you feel passionate about achieving it and excited.

Always write your goals down, and make sure that you give them detail, once you have written them down take a step back and look at them and ask yourself

1. How will I feel when I achieve this goal? – if you can answer with positive excited feelings about achieving your goal, if you know you will feel great, happy, significant, excited when you achieve the goal then it is a good goal and you will achieve it.

2. How will I feel if I don’t achieve this goal? -if you answer disappointed, unhappy, sad, to this question, again you know that you have a good goal something you want to achieve, because not achieving it will make you feel bad. If you answer with words like not bothered, it doesn’t matter, its not that important, then there is something wrong with your goal and you don’t really want to achieve it so you need to look at it again. If you don’t need to achieve it, choose another goal that will give you positive feelings and excitement, if you do still have to achieve the goal irrespective of whether you want to or not, then look for and find ways of making it more exciting and fun for you, perhaps you can look at the end result instead of the goal, perhaps you can find fun ways of taking the steps to achieve the goal, perhaps there are new things you can learn from this goal and that will give you other opportunities that do make you feel excited?

Always find the positive, the fun and excitement of achieving a goal before you start to take the steps towards achieving it, change goals that don’t excite you or change the process and end results and find the excitement before you start turning your journey into a slog.

Every goal is your goal whether you choose it or someone chooses (ie: your boss) it for you and you can make every goal exciting and fun – you alone choose the outcomes of your goals and you alone can make them fun or hard work.

If you want to create your dream life and create your dream goals that are filled with passion, excitement and fun, both when you achieve them and also all the way to achieving them and you want to remove blockages, fears, worries along the way (which we all have from time to time)why not attend a life changing inspirational life design workshop with choose changes or partner with us and we will help you to create your dream life.

Carol Dodsley
Choose Changes
Inspirational Life Design Foundation