How to Overcome Intimidation

There’s no such thing as intimidation. There’s no such thing. There’s no such thing. What I’m getting at here is that intimidation is not a “thing”. If you feel intimidated by something or someone, it’s a process you’re doing mentally. Nothing more.
And because you’re doing this process that causes you to feel “intimidated”, you can also do a process that causes you to feel confident. Here’s why. You’ve had times in your past where you were NOT intimidated. Right? Times when you just did feel comfortable all around? If you answered yes, and I’m betting you did, then you can stop feeling intimidated.
Think about the process of being intimidated or being confident as two separate computer programs for your mind’s computer. You can run one program and feel intimidated. Or you can run another program and feel confident. The problem is that people don’t recognize that any intimidation they feel is just a result of them running the wrong program in their mind. It’s time to upgrade their program.
One way to upgrade your computer program (and thus stop being intimidated) is to recognize how specifically and when you’re doing it. What do you do to be intimidated? Do you imagine people making fun of you? Do you picture people laughing at you? How do you run your intimidation program in your mind? You can immediately take control of that process and STOP IT.
Once you become aware of the intimidation program, you can upgrade to a “feeling confident” program. Stop right now…and think back to the last time you really felt confident…like you feel on top of the world…and you imagine yourself to be unbeatable…and you look out and see a world ready to be conquered by you…and you get that solid feeling in your stomach of you can do it…and the voice inside your mind says, “oooooooooooooooooo yeah….I can do it! I’m simply unbeatable!”
Got it? If not, close your eyes and relive a confident past memory by seeing what you saw, hearing what you heard, and feeling how you felt. Ok, by doing this means you’re running the “confidence” computer program in your head. Good job. Do you realize how easy it was for you to launch the “confidence” program? This is symbolic of the fact that you can launch the “confidence” program anytime you want.
Terminate the intimidation program by recognizing and interrupting it if you catch yourself doing it. Take control of your mental programs. Then launch the “confidence” program. It really is that simple.


Kent Sayre is a worldwide persuasion expert and author of the bestselling book “Unstoppable Confidence” endorsed by such celebrity authors as Brian Tracy, Robert Allen, and Jim Rohn.


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