Ten Methods For Overcoming Low Self Esteem

Low self-esteem can impact every part of your daily life. Feelings of inadequacy, worthlessness, and embarrassment take hold and keep you from participating in normal activities. The manner in which you see yourself is also the manner in which others see you. If you believe that you have nothing to offer, others will begin to pick up on this. In the same regard, if you feel you are worth being around and that you have plenty to offer, others will pick up on that. You can improve your attitude and your self-image.

Here are ten methods for overcoming low self-esteem:

• Speak Up

Overcoming low self-esteem begins with your own voice. Speak up, and do not be afraid to voice your opinion. Rather than hiding alone in the corner of the room, take an active role in the conversation, and let others know that you are there and you have something to offer. You might just be surprised at how important your views are to others.

• Stand Up Straight

Mom was right! Standing up straight is not only better for your posture it also displays confidence. When you have a slumped appearance, you portray the image of someone who is uncomfortable, and depressed. Making a conscious decision to correct your posture will immediately transform your image.

• Carry Yourself With Pride

Just as it is important to stand up straight, you should also walk with pride. Overcoming low self-esteem truly starts with your outward appearance. Walk tall, do not shuffle your feet, and put a spring in your step. This will give you an energetic appearance that others will perceive as confident and powerful.

• Give Yourself A Pep Talk

Whenever you are feeling a little down, or lacking in self-confidence, give yourself a quick pep talk. Remind yourself of all of your great, unique qualities, and strengths.

• Dress Well

When you look better, you feel better, and this principle applies to self-esteem as well. Take a bit of time to plan an outfit that is flattering, groom yourself, and always take pride in your looks.

• Get Some Exercise

Getting some regular exercise can really make in difference in overcoming low self-esteem. Not only will your physical appearance improve, which will make you feel better about yourself alone, you will also feel better due to the endorphins that are released during your workout.

• Put Yourself Out There

You cannot truly work at overcoming low self-esteem if you do not put yourself out in the world. Do not hide in corners, do not sit in the backs of rooms, and do not remain silent. Put yourself in a noticeable position, speak up, and make your presence known.

• Be Grateful For What You Have

Instead of dwelling on what you do not have, or what you think you want to have, focus on what you do have. Family, love, health, and personal strengths are a few examples of what you should remind yourself to be grateful for everyday.

• Be Positive Toward Others

People who suffer with low self-esteem often tend to be quite negative. Practice being positive toward others by regularly offering complements to co-workers, friends, and family members. Do not take part in destructive behavior such as gossiping. By making a commitment to break free of negativity, people will start to feel better around you and will genuinely want to spend time with you.

• Help Others

Whenever you can, step up and take an active role with others. Offer help in any way that you can. Donate your time to become a mentor, or offer to help a fellow co-worker with a project. You will feel happier, have more confidence when approaching people, and in turn you will open yourself up to many new experiences.

These simple tips can do wonders to help build self-confidence and in overcoming low self-esteem. Try to complete one or two of these steps at a time so that you do not feel overwhelmed. Remember, this process will take time, so relax, and build upon your achievements each and every day.

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