Motivation Tips – Discover Your Key Motivators

Do you ever sit back and create a path or goals for yourself, but just aren’t finding the right motivators to achieve them? Are you struggling at balancing all that life has to offer, never mind the fact that you want to experience new things you just don’t have time for? Now is the time to do those things you’ve always wanted and achieve that “someday” you’ve been after. The following motivation tips will jump start your progress towards achieving those wishes and wants you’ve always desired.

Let’s get your motivated and your goals on their way today. Before we dive into any suggestions, you must come up with an action plan for your goals.

FIRST: Set out your goals. Decide exactly what it is you want to accomplish. Write it down and describe it in great detail.

SECOND: What is a goal without a deadline? Think about how much time you want to dedicate towards your goal and when you hope to achieve it by. Be realistic, if it’s something you’re saving up for, make sure to factor in your current money situation. If you’re unsure of how long it will take, don’t rush yourself or base your decision on wants, try and make a realistic assumption by including all factors.

THIRD: Write out your plan. When you are planning a trip, you usually map out your destination based on turns, stops and any conditions that may cause loss of time or rerouting. Now that you’ve found your goal, map out how you’ll get there. For example, if you are trying to lose weight, your first goal may be to exercise three times your first week for a half an hour, and skip out on extra snacks everyday but Sundays. Your second week, you may up your workout times or change your eating habits based on how well you did the week before.

LASTLYYou’re ready to start achieving your goals. Now you need the support and motivation tips to help you move closer to achieving them.

When you find yourself down and out and think you should give up on your goals, try the following:


  • Team up with people around you and try working towards goals together. If you don’t have someone with the same mission in mind, ask them if you can report your progress to them.
  • Keep track of your progress. Every night, write down a reflection on what you accomplished that day towards your goals. If you didn’t have any progress, write down what stopped you and how you can change that in the future. End all of your reflections with an objective for the next day.
  • Have your family and friends write motivation tips for you. Place them, ones that you’ve made on your own and any other inspirational pieces where you will see them throughout the day. (Hint: try on your fridge, on your bathroom mirror or on your office computer screen).
  • Brag about your progress. Next time you’re out with friends, share with them how things are going. Even if you have bad days, talking about them will prevent you from doing them again.
  • Reward yourself. The best motivator is a reward. If you’re trying to lose weight – buy new clothes. If you’re quitting a bad habit, treat yourself to something more positive. Don’t be afraid to set milestones and rewards in your action plan. Each time you see your progress, you’ll feel even better knowing you were rewarded. If possible, make each reward a little better than the last – forcing you to make it to your end goal.
  • Visualize yourself accomplishing your goal. That final moment will keep you inspired throughout your journey as you strive to make it a reality.


These motivation tips can only be of use to you if you are honest with yourself. Every time you make a turn in the wrong direction, don’t get down on yourself, instead get back on track and think of it as an obstacle you have been proud to accomplish.

Remember being healthy will help you accomplish your goals faster – sleep, exercise and proper nutrition help you feel good about yourself and your progress along the way. Whatever you do, don’t allow any negativity to get in your way. When you do find hurdles that knock you down, use positivity to get you back up and on your way. Use your motivation tips to help you move on.

And last but not least, keep these motivation tips where you can find them. Don’t get too obsessive with reaching your goals that you want to give up, rather make it a lifestyle change that will help you get there at your proper pace. Keep yourself motivated and you will succeed.

Gary Gzik is a Corporate Trainer and CEO of the business consulting company BizXcel which owns and operates Getting to Someday, a place where people go to achieve their goals for getting to someday –

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