Step 2: Intensify your Desire to Achieve your Goal

Have you ever failed to achieve your goals?

Do you know the single most important reason why you couldn’t reach it?

The answer is simple: Because we did not have a strong enough desire.

Some may argue with that. “But I did have a strong desire and still I didn’t get there.”

Sorry, but if you didn’t reach your goal your desire was still not strong enough.

So what is the intense desire, passion?

It’s what keeps people working all hours, up early, late to bed. The desire dominates conversation, thinking, actions.

Take a moment to think about the goal you’ve set for yourself.

How committed are you to achieving this goal?

Under what conditions would you give up?

What if you wanted them so badly that you knew with absolute certainty that you would absolutely, positively never ever give up?

Make sure your desire is strong enough and let’s go to the next step!