10 Ways to Build Your Self Confidence

Your level of self-confidence plays a role in every aspect of your life. It determines whether you succeed or fail. It determines whether relationships succeed or fail – or even ever get started. It determines the work that you will do throughout your life, the social relationships that you will build, the hobbies that you will pursue, and so much more. Here are ten ways to help you build your self confidence, starting today.

1. Start by realizing that you do have an issue with your self-confidence. Fully explore it. Try to figure out what triggered it. This is easier for some than for others, and it can be painful – but it is the necessary first step. Often, self confidence can reappear when we understand what caused the issue, and we have the benefit of time or distance to put things in better perspective.

2. Accept yourself for who you are. This is also easier for some than for others. For reasons beyond us, we learn – somewhere in life – that we are supposed to constantly try to be better than we actually are, and to feel bad about it if we are not. Realize that while everyone has room for improvement, if we were all perfect, the world would be an absolutely boring place.

3. Examine the people in your life. Are there those that tear you down – even if they do it nicely? If so, they’ve got to go! Simply limit their access to you – and to your self confidence, if you cannot remove these negative people from your life altogether.

4. Make a list of all of your positives. This can be achievements, a winning personality, a special skill or ability – anything that is positive. Write it down and feel great about it.

5. Really take a look at your physical self. Many self confidence issues stem from feeling like you don’t look as good as you could, or as good as you should, or as good as the other people around you. Hopefully, as you’ve aged, you’ve learned that what’s on the outside isn’t nearly as important as what is on the inside. If not, it’s time that you learned that. If you have already figured this little tidbit out, realize that other people have also figured it out for the most part, and that few people will judge you on your physical appearance – as long as you are clean and tidy. Besides that, you probably look better than you think you do – most people do.

6. Realize that life’s not all about you. Everybody isn’t staring at you. Everybody isn’t talking about you. Everyone is busy with their own lives, trying to make it through this world. If you doubt that, try volunteering. Not only is this a great way to improve your community and your world, while making life better or easier for others, it’s also a great way to start being thankful for what you have in life – and for building self confidence.

7. Identify activities, skills, or talents that will make you feel better about yourself. Maybe you don’t feel that you are completely qualified for your job – or for a job that you want. You should be learning throughout your lifetime – and taking classes to build skills and talents is a great way to build self confidence. You could even learn a new hobby.

8. Keep a positive attitude. Many people don’t realize that a positive attitude plays a role in building ones self-confidence, but it does. When you keep a positive frame of mind, positive things happen in your life – and when this happens, it boosts your self confidence without you even realizing it happened.

9. Use affirmations. Affirmations are good for lots of things. They can help you to reach a goal, but they can also help you to see what a special person you really are. Each person on this planet has something special about them – and that includes you.

10. Learn self-hypnosis. The absolute best and fastest way to build self-confidence is through hypnosis. Somewhere, something in life zapped your level of self-confidence, without you even realizing that it happened. Hypnosis works in the opposite manner, so to speak. It subconsciously gives you your self confidence back.

Remember that self confidence affects all areas of your life. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that it doesn’t matter, or that you don’t have time to think about it. The quality of your life depends on it.

Kelly Lowe is dedicated to helping others find peace, happiness, health, and well-being in their lives. Find more information on improving your life and building your self confidence at her site, “Let Me Tell You What”