Finding Gold in the Rocks – Reframe Negative Self-Imposed Traits Into Positive Traits

Too often, people criticize themselves and call themselves names. Sometimes we even take on the names other people have given us throughout our lives, even if we don’t deserve them. We sometimes base our life on those negative traits, whether they’re true or not. This is unhealthy, and an overall negative way to live your life.

Instead of letting those negative traits get the better of you, look at the positive sides of them. Maybe some of those traits are undeserved, but perhaps some of them apply to you. You may find it hard to be motivated, so you call yourself lazy. But the world “lazy” has negative meanings behind it. So instead of “lazy,” why not think of it in a more positive way?

Here are some examples of traits that are considered negative, and ways that you can reframe them in a positive light.


  • Bossy – Leadership, bold, adventurous
  • Daydreamer – Inventive, deep thinker
  • Stubborn – Tenacious, determined, focused
  • Shy – Self contained, calm, listener
  • Pushy – Determined, daring, curious
  • Loner – Independent, resourceful
  • Lazy – Looking for right opportunity, needs new motivation


If you see yourself as any of those traits, isn’t it surprising to see how it transforms when seen positively? You may be stubborn, but you’re also determined and focused – you know what you want, and you won’t let anybody stop you from getting it.

It’s so easy to see certain traits as “negative,” when each personality trait has so many other layers to it. We are all unique and beautiful in our own way, so why not embrace that?

If somebody calls you shy, embrace that trait! That’s who you are, and you should be able to see the good in it. Reframe it and give it the name of self contained! That is what my husband did.

There’s nothing wrong with being quiet and listening to others instead of speaking up. People are all different, and there is always something positive in us, no matter what kind of traits describe us.

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